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2021 APEX Awards

We were proud to recognize the people who produce the best marketing work in our area at the 2021 APEX Awards. Congratulations to all those recognized.

Call for Entries

Elevate your voice through creative vision–SUBMIT YOUR WORK TODAY for consideration in the 2021 Lake Communicators APEX Awards.

Deadline for Submissions

Early Bird: August 20
Final Deadline: September 15

Lake Communicators
Thank you for being a member or supporter of Lake Communicators. As you know, the previous few years have been very challenging for many professional organizations and we are not able to continue to bring the programming and events as we have done during the majority of our history. Due to lack of involvement by members and anticipated expenses in continuing, the board has decided that it is necessary at this time to disband our organization.

We appreciate your ongoing support and efforts to maintain the highest standards of professionalism in the marketing communications field in Northeast Ohio and we hope you will continue the traditions set forth by past board members and marketing communications professionals to continue the legacy for which Lake Communicators has established. Although this marks the end of our formal organization, we look forward to staying in touch.

Best regards,
Lake Communicators Board