Running After the Salesperson?

How hard do you work to keep your customers?

June 6: The 7th Annual Small Business Symposium at Lakeland Community College

Highlights include lunch with Jim Tressel, speaker Marvin Montgomery on “The Power of Attitude in Business,” Congressman Dave Joyce and programming tracks on marketing and sales, finance and operations, women in business and human resources.

Content Marketing World 2014: September 8-11

We are excited to be a special sponsor for the Content Marketing World 2014 Conference at the Cleveland Convention Center, right here in downtown Cleveland on September 8-11. There are a few ways you can participate in the event both in person and online.

You Have to Experience This Business Model

I bought a new Windows 8 laptop. After four months, I couldn’t take Windows 8 anymore. So I bought a MAC. This meant a visit to the Apple Store. Oh My Gosh, what a business model! Let me tell you about it.