Content marketer Joe Pulizzi shares tips at joint June meeting

We all want our blog posts, e-zines, white papers, posts, pins and tweets to reach our audiences and produce meaningful, measurable results. Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing World showed us how to pull the myriad of content and social media pieces/parts together into well-oiled content marketing machines that get results.

Heads up on LinkedIn Company Pages

Thanks to Deborah Chaddick Brown for these pointers on how to handle the upcoming changes to LinkedIn’s company pages. Be prepared to handle them before April 14, 2014!

Readability Points to Ponder for your Website

One aspect of usability is readability–how easy information is on the eyes, how digestible the material is.

Getting Started with Social Media I: Installing a Blog

To get started with social media in a professional way, you need some place to put your material so that you have something to share. If you have a company website, that’s great. Put a blog on it.