After a lot of discussion and many proofs, the Lake Communicators board has approved a new logo:

Lake Communicators logo

Why a new logo, you ask?

Several changes are in the works to better position Lake Communicators in our profession. Our web site will change to a WordPress format. The “Voice” and “Buzz” graphics are to be updated. When these changes were considered, it only made sense to look at our branding. After some checking around, it became obvious we lacked some basic branding details: color pallet, graphics and fonts. With all this coming under review we considered the logo.

The board agreed a branding campaign was in order. So the first step in that campaign is to roll out our new logo. The new logo represents the diverse talent that can be accessed through Lake Communicators. In addition, to be a successful organization in the marketplace all marketing efforts must be fully integrated and complimentary. The board felt this logo design demonstrated those concepts. In addition shouldn’t we follow our own professional values as an organization?

Our next step is to update all of our identity materials. That includes Web site, social media accounts, literature, stationary and all outbound materials. So please check out the new logo. As time goes on look for the new look to begin appearing everywhere. We hope you will like the look and agree it better represents Lake Communicators and our profession. By the way go ahead and give us your thoughts on our blog, Facebook page and/or Linkedin page.

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