Adweek is the advertising newspaper with the latest marketing news, advertising trends, in the advertising industry. Ad news is covered thoroughly.

Advertising Age
Ad Age is the leading global source of news, intelligence and conversation for marketing and media communities.

American Advertising Federation – Cleveland 
Continuing professional educational courses, social activities, planned fundraising events, and a networking, breakfast and luncheon speaker’s series. 

Awards & Shows

Clio Awards
The CLIO Awards is the world’s most recognized global awards competition for advertising, design, and interactive.

The Cleveland Web Standards Association exists to promote a relaxed environment for developers across the spectrum to associate and promote best practices in web development.
Internet resource for up-to-date news, reviews, forums, videos and tutorials covering IT, Development, Personal technology, Small Business, Storage, Networking and Security.
IT news, articles, and how-to guides by developers for developers.


American Marketing Association
Marketing and advertising articles and tips, thousands of companies and firms, careers and jobs, and more from the official American Marketing Association website.

Northeast Ohio Communications Advocates (NOCA)
NOCA acts as an umbrella organization for 28 separate marketing communications organizations from the region, including Lake Communicators.

Public Relations

Public Relations Society of America
Largest professional organization of public relations specialists representing business, consulting firms, government, associations, schools, and non-profits.


Manufacturer of popular software used in print and web advertising media such as Photoshop, Illustrator and DreamWeaver.

Desktop publishing company