Branding & Bourbon

Bourbon, yep I thought that would get your attention! Last fall my wife Diane, our friends and I made the trip to Bardstown, KY. Sure you know Bardstown, don’t you? Bardstown, KY forms the lower tip of the triangle bounded by Louisville and Lexington. The triangle surrounds Kentucky bourbon/whiskey territory.

Nine local distilleries have gone together to form what’s known as the “Bourbon Trail”. The visitor’s bureau in Bardstown along with the nine distilleries will all provide you with a blank “passport”, just like the one you use for international travel. When you visit the distilleries on the trail, they stamp your passport. After all nine distilleries stamp your passport, you’re awarded the coveted Bourbon Trail t-shirt!

As we traveled to and from each distillery, I was amazed at the effort and money put into the marketing, communications and branding for each and how they worked together to promoted the area as a travel destination. In addition, each distillery works very hard to promote their brand from the grounds to labeling and merchandise. Each is truly an amazing marketing case study. Do I hear a road trip coming on?

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