Wednesday, November 9, 2016
The Holiday Inn, Mentor, Ohio

Robert Schepens
Robert Schepens

Leadership in many cases has been defined in terms of charisma, intelligence, line of business knowledge and of course, character. All choices on the part of the audience, and most of them subjective.

Robert Schepens will cover the fundamentals of organizational leadership he discovered in first researching and then writing The Great Workplace 2.0, published by Smart Business in North East Ohio. For that work, Schepens personally interviewed over 500 owners, top executives and human resource professionals in small to medium sized organizations (including non-profits) in Northeast Ohio.

Schepens is a 40 year veteran of the recruiting, staffing, HR and sales/marketing professions and is the second generation owner of Champion Personnel System, Inc, founded by his father in 1964. The company is a multiple year recipient of the Weatherhead 100 Award, North Coast 99 Award, Excellence in Business Award and most recently the Business Longevity Through Innovation award.

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