Tom Szabo
Tom Szabo

Are you, like me, tired of all the terrible news in the media? Do you wonder where the world is going?

Over the last four years I’ve been involved in a program at Harvey High School in Painesville known as E-CITY. Harvey students learn about entrepreneurism. Students write a business plan and launch their very own business. I enjoy the person-to-person discussion with the students. I don’t feel I’m talking to children. We are entrepreneurs with a common interest.

This summer I had the opportunity to teach scuba diving to 10 high school students and a teacher. In September we’ll complete their certification dives. The students and I spend three full days together. No adult-children issues. We were people with a common interest – scuba diving. What a nice group of young adults. They energized me.

So when you begin to think the world is going to hell in a handbasket, let me offer a suggestion. Go back to high school. Get involved with today’s young people. I think everyone will learn something useful about each other. As professionals we stress developing relationships. Try building relationships with some young adults. Remember: It takes a village to raise a child. Become a part of the village.

Tell us about your experience – your comments are welcome. Let’s talk.

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