Catherine Foster
Catherine Foster

Thank you to our speaker, Catherine Foster, for her motivating presentation! Following is a short re-cap of what she shared:

Are you an intentional thinker? Plato, Newton, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln, Edison, Einstein and Emerson were intentional thinkers. How do you think? By DEFAULT (whatever flows through your mind) or INTENTIONALLY (choosing your thoughts)?

Intentional thinkers create the life they desire by choosing their thoughts. Our thoughts create energy. Train yourself to be metacognitive, that is, to think about what you are going to think about.

You can’t stop a thought, but you can give yourself another thought that you choose, for example, a statement of gratitude. A thought of gratitude engages a different part of your brain and releases the same feel-good hormone triggered by falling in love, eating chocolate and having sex (insert audience giggling).

IMPORTANT: Intentional thinkers trust their instincts. They are led down the path to what they desire…and the doors open.

Our feelings have to be aligned with what we want.
~ Esther Hicks

The only thing you can control is your thoughts. Start your day with intentional thinking: idea — meditate and read motivational messages. Everything you ask for is yours by aligning your feelings with it and visualizing it coming through your front door.

Circle of IntentionHow to manifest something into your life:

Then it becomes true.

A belief is nothing more than a thought you keep having over and over and over again.

From the book “Ordaining Reality in Brief” by Joseph E. Donlan:

Think of a calm pond. Throw a pebble into the pond. The pebble is a thought. It creates waves and sends energy outwards; then it comes back to the source (you). Thoughts create energy – that go out – and come back.

What are you throwing out? What you throw out is what comes back to you… the saying “what goes around, comes around” comes from this example.

Intentional Thinking Top 10

  1. Realize your power
  2. Choose thoughts with intent rather than default thinking
  3. Trust your instincts
  4. Become conscious of grumbling (do not complain)
  5. Be grateful
  6. Use visualization as the fuel to intention (See it and feel what it will feel like to have it)
  7. Practice
  8. Meditate (be conscious of your breathing)
  9. Become meta cognitive
  10. Empower others

Use feelings as your radar. They are your guide to what thoughts you will be having.

Ten Steps of Intentional Thought (pdf)…

About the speaker:
Catherine Foster is an award winning marketing strategist and owner of Blossom Marketing and Publishing. She is also the founder of The Positive Times Newspaper, co-founder of The Positive Thinkers Network, and co-founder/owner of J. Banner Publishing. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Catherine has been a motivational speaker for over 10 years and has coached hundreds of people on creating their own reality through the power of positive thinking.

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