targetThe other night my wife and I went looking for a new gas grill. We looked around while the only sales clerk finished with a customer. The customer walked away and so did the sales person. Before he got too far away I ran over to yell, “Can we get some help?” The answer was: Sure.

Has that ever happen to you? The bigger question is does that happen to your customers? Do your customers have to ask you to help them? Many of you have told me how hard you work to get customers. How hard do you work to keep them?

I would like to hear from you, our members, as to what you do to keep customers. This month’s President’s Notes will also appear on the Lake Communicators blog. This way you can open up some dialogue telling us what keeps your customers coming back to your business. Maybe it’s a customer appreciation event. Maybe you offer special discounts for returning customers. Share your programs with us.

Oh, yeah, please don’t make me run after you to get an answer!

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