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Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Digital Marketing Seminar at Lakeland Community College’s Holden University Center – Route 306 directly across from Lakeland’s main entrance

SpeakersThis must-attend all-morning seminar will teach you all of the newest trends and tips in the ever-changing digital world. Whether you are a marketer or a business owner, you won’t want to miss the rich information our four experts will provide.

Join Lake Communicators as we present The Digital Marketing Seminar at Holden University Center, Lakeland Community College at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 16. This event will focus on keeping you current on all things digital. For more info, please visit our event page.

Cost: $30 for members, $35 nonmembers

Registration, coffee & Danish

9am – 11:45am

Full luncheon buffet

Please register by 5 p.m. Monday, September 14. Space is limited!

Make reservation…

Leadership Lake County

Shirley Wolfe is leaving us… for Florida

Shirley Wolfe
Shirley Wolfe

A HUGE thanks to Shirley Wolfe for all the work she’s put into Lake Communicators. Shirley and her husband Jay are RETIRING and moving to a beautiful, hot, sunny state where orange juice is fresh and plentiful.

As Assistant Administrator, Shirley managed the registration process, was a crucial resource for board meetings, managed our finances and more. To many she’s the go-to gal and face of this organization. We will miss her tremendously.

Duties are being picked up by:

Assistant Administrator position – Laura Lytle
Registration – Stacy Eshelman, Greg Morgan
Member Communications/Eblasts – Diana Lewis, Julia Shick and Kathy Smith
Membership – Diana Lewis, Julia Shick

From the President
Ways to Save on Membership Dues, Lunches and Events

Tom Ruffner
Tom Ruffner

We are implementing a new membership incentive program in October and November where you can win Lake Communicators Cash.

See the following article “Lake Communicators CASH” and help our organization grow – while you save.

Simply email prospective members during those two months to view our newsletter and you will be entered into a drawing with a chance to win a $20 voucher towards Lake Communicators dues, lunches or events.

– Tom Ruffner

Forward to a Friend Drawing = Lake Communicators CASH!

Spread the word about Lake Communicators. More members and guests makes for a livelier group with more excitement, more interactions and benefits to our members. Now you have a chance to win “Lake Communicators Cash” – $20 towards a meeting registration.


Every month we send out the VOICE. Hit the “forward to a friend” link in VOICE and, well, forward it to a friend*. The link for forwarding is at the bottom of the newsletter as indicated here:

Forward to a friend - location in newsletter

We’ll hold a monthly drawing for a winner. 🙂

* Note: group email addresses only count as one submission, so click “forward to a friend” for each individual email address you are forwarding it to!

– Kathy Smith

Dates to Remember

Don’t Hide Your Light
Promote Thyself

Send us jpeg files of your recent work for our Monthly Membership Gallery, to be featured on our Facebook/LinkedIn, newsletter and website pages. We will highlight the work of our Lake Communicators members to promote your business to clients and other marketers! Send submissions to by the 15th of each month. We’ll share your work with our followers and give you credit for each piece. Remember, work must be marketing in nature and completed by your company. If multiple entries are received, we will choose the top submission if space is tight. Only members will be featured, so make sure you are in active standing.

– Elizabeth Connor

Please Like Us

Have you liked our Facebook  and LinkedIn pages yet? We share upcoming seminars, events, member accomplishments, and great industry resources and helpful tips. We can’t share all this without you, though!

Year Two for Preparedness Program Offers Resources for Everyone to Create Disaster Plans

The Lake County Emergency Management Agency and Local Emergency Planning Committee are once again partnering with Lake Communicators to promote emergency preparedness. The intent is to motivate Lake County residents to take action, make a plan and be prepared for any disaster or emergency through the “Ready Lake County” campaign.

The campaign launched last September with great exposure and support of every city in Lake County through signage outside key municipal buildings, library displays, print, radio and city TV ads, radio interviews, print articles and even a dynamic YouTube PSA video.

This year, in addition to these same tactics, the program is adding the development of relationships with the Wickliffe City School District and private schools in Wickliffe. The goal is to encourage emergency preparation discussions in classrooms and encourage students to take home information, make emergency kits and develop family plans.

While other agencies attempt to educate the public on the need to be prepared, local research shows that most families would not be prepared in a disaster because they think they can rely on their local emergency services. In reality, first responders will assist the elderly and people with special needs before they would be able to assist the general public, leaving many individuals and families to be self-sufficient.

“Disasters and large-scale emergencies, whether natural or man-made, are going to occur,”  said Larry Greene, Director of Lake County EMA. “Retaining a sense of community awareness, coupled with taking some simple steps to individually prepare, can go a long way in helping to reduce the impact and duration of such events.

“Expanding our preparedness message to students this year is exciting. It’s not just adults that can prepare; kids can build a supply kit or help care for younger siblings and family pets.

“Teaching kids and teens to be self-prepared now can instill a sense of responsibility they’ll carry through life.”

The website is the one source for everyone to easily access agencies, resources and basic information to create disaster plans, build personal emergency supply kits, prepare for pet needs, and identify which agencies best meet their unique emergency needs.

“No family has the same needs for emergency planning,” Greene added. “Everyone should discuss and plan accordingly to keeping their family prepared. Since September is National Preparedness Month, we want to remind and encourage everyone now is the time to discuss their plan and assemble that emergency kit they’ve been putting off doing.”

Ready Lake County is supported through partnership with local Police and Fire Departments, Lake County General Health District, Laketran, Lifeline 2-1-1, American Red Cross, FirstEnergy, Dominion East Ohio, Lubrizol, United Way of Lake County and Lake Communicators.

– Laura Lytle

A special THANK YOU to our members who have participated in the 2015 Ready Lake County campaign – Tom Ruffner, Ray Somich, Laura Lytle, Jerie Green, Diana Lewis, and Julia Schick.

Submissions for the October VOICE newsletter are due September 23.

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