I bought a new Windows 8 laptop. After four months, I couldn’t take Windows 8 anymore. So I bought a MAC. This meant a visit to the Apple Store. Oh My Gosh, what a business model! Let me tell you about it.

I scheduled an appointment on line for an Apple “Genius,” someone trained to solve my computer issues. A real person to answer my computer questions seated next to me! No eye rolling. No looks inferring I’m a big dummy. Great explanations and demonstrations. They made sure I was satisfied before I left.

Maybe this says plenty; I asked one of the Geniuses, “Do you make enough here to raise a family?” The answer: Yes.

The shelves were stocked with every accessory you could imagine. In high school I worked in a grocery store; the term was “blocking.” Items on the shelf were always pulled to the front so they looked full. All Apple Store shelves were blocked.

I purchased a one-year Apple One To One membership for $99. I can schedule a 1/2 or 1 hour block of time with an Apple Genius for help using my Apple computer, as many sessions as I need.

My question is, does your business impress your customers this way? Do your customers write about your business like I’m doing now? Watch the Apple Store in action. Then compare your business to the Apple model. We invite you to share your thoughts below.

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